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August 7, 2022


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August 7, 2022


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August 3, 2022


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July 23, 2022


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July 16, 2022


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9 Facebook Marketing Tools for Businesses

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Facebook is a powerful platform but do you know about the different tools that will make Facebook marketing easier? Watch this video to learn about 9 Facebook marketing tools to make online marketing easier and less time-consuming!


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Looking For Some Facebook Marketing Tools For Your Business?

We talk a lot about Facebook on this video.

And that’s because we know how powerful it is, in the hands of small business owners who know how to leverage it to market your business. 

And that’s why we spend a lot of time teaching you different Facebook marketing strategies. 

But what’s also important to know are some Facebook marketing tools to make executing all those strategies easier and less time-consuming.

So today, we’re sharing 9 Facebook marketing tools to make your life as a marketing entrepreneur a little easier.

Let’s get started!

Video Outline
Intro (0:00)
Tool #1: Ads Manager (1:00)
Tool #2: Zoho or Any Dual Scheduling Platform (2:26)
Tool #3: Canva (3:20)
Tool #4: Creator Studio App (3:55)
Tool #5: Facebook Ad Library (4:56)
Tool #6: Engagement Invite List (5:43)
Tool #7: Facebook Messenger Automated Replies (6:26)
Tool #8: Facebook Business Apps (7:36)
Tool #9: Business Resources (8:22)

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How To Build A Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2022

Here is how to build a social media marketing strategy for your business, big or small. Everything you need all in one video!

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🌟 How To Develop A Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your Business

4.62 billion people around the world now use social media, that’s over half the planet’s population!

424 million new users have come online within the last 12 months.

And the average daily time spent using social media is 2h 27m.

But the question is how do you, your business and your brand convert these users into paying customers?

With the booming influx of social media users within the digital world, we are now living in… it’s now harder than ever to get the attention of these users.

Almost 9 in 10 companies in the United States are using social media for marketing purposes every single day.

You are competing with millions if not billions of these businesses global for the attention and payment of these social media users…

But luckily for you, not that you know it yet, but you’re already ahead of the curve by just watching this video.

Luckily for you and sadly for me, not even a fraction of your competitors will watch this video.

This means fewer views for me but more value for you!

So let’s get started… here is how to build a social media marketing strategy for your business, big or small, everything you need all in one video.
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