Facebook Ads Course 2022 | How to Create Facebook Ads – Tutorial for Beginners

In this Facebook ads course 2022, you will learn how to create Facebook ads and in-depth knowledge of social media optimizations on Facebook. In this Facebook ads tutorial for beginners, you will learn everything about FB ads.

Facebook ads course will help you run FB ads on the platform, which will increase website traffic. Set your budget, format for ads, and post them. With this Facebook ads full course, you will get everything about Facebook ads.

You will also learn about measuring and managing your ad. After watching this FB ad tutorial, you will have no queries like how to create Facebook ads or how to set up Facebook ads.

For a perfect Facebook ads tutorial to increase website traffic, you need to choose your objective and audience.

This Facebook ads tutorial contains –
► Introduction to Facebook ads
► Facebook ads manager
► Targeting ads for Facebook ads
► Facebook ads campaign
► Measuring the success of Facebook ads campaign
► Various types of Facebook ads audience
► Spying competitor’s Facebook ads for free
► Lead magnet
► Creating and setting up FB lead generation ad
► Facebook pixel
► Facebook audience insights
► The custom audience and lookalike audience for FB ads
► Seeing ads overall reach
► General idea about Instagram ads
► WhatsApp and Messenger ads
► Creating Facebook ads reports for clients
► Setting up automated rules in FB ads
► UTM parameters
► Overlapping audience concept
► A/B testing
► Low budget Facebook ads strategy
► Creating a privacy policy for leads
► AIDA model copywriting
► Bridge copywriting model
► Problem-solving model of copywriting
► Promoting products and services via FB ads

Facebook advertising has become a significant part of digital marketing strategy. This Facebook ads tutorial will help you find a target audience for your business.

Down below are the timestamps for making your search smoother in this Facebook ads course –

00:00 | Introduction
00:37| What are Facebook Ads
14:00 | What is Facebook Ads Manager?
20:10 | Facebook Ads Manager & Business Manager
32:59 | What is the Targeting Audience?
49:39 | How To Select Best Audience for Facebook Ads
01:21:56 | How to Create, Setup & Run Facebook Ads Campaign
01:36:02 | Different Important Metrics related to Facebook Ads
01:47:40 | How to Measure the Success of Facebook Ads Campaign
02:04:48 | Types of Facebook Ads Audience | Cold, Warm and Hot Audience
02:21:52 | How to Spy Your Competitor’s Facebook Ads For FREE
02:32:16 | What is Lead and Lead Magnet? Concept of Lead Magnet
02:48:55 | How to Create, Setup & Run Facebook Lead Generation Ad
03:04:51 | What is Facebook Pixel & Importance of Facebook Pixel
03:14:53 | How to Connect Facebook Pixel to the Website | Easy Steps
03:30:37 | What is Facebook Audience Insights & How it’s Helps?
03:41:07 | What are Conversions in Facebook Ads Manager and How to create them?
04:03:41 | What is Custom Audience and How many Types are there?
04:16:00 | How to Create Custom Audience Practically? In-depth Information
04:33:04 | How to Create Customer List Audiences & How Does it work?
04:41:41 | What is Lookalike Audience & How to Show Ads to a Lookalike Audience?
04:52:57 | How to know Why people are Seeing our Ads? | Facebook Ads Series 2021
05:04:08 | Understanding Instagram Ads using Facebook Ads Manager
05:15:59 | How to Create & Run Facebook & Instagram Story Ads to Bring More Traffic on WhatsApp
05:29:07 | How to Create Facebook Messenger Ads and What to Keep in Mind!
05:40:52 | How to Create Facebook Ads Report for Clients
05:52:59 | How to Create, Setup & Run Facebook Shopping Ads / Catalog Ads
06:19:38 | How to Setup Automated Rules in Facebook Ads?
06:36:07 | What are UTM Parameters in Facebook & How to Create UTM Parameters?
06:48:11 | Overlapping Audience Concept in Facebook Ads Manager
06:59:48 | How to use Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization
07:11:38 | Facebook Ads Most Important Checklist – Don’t Ignore this
07:23:01 | What is A/B Testing & How to Implement Facebook Ads?
07:30:43 | Low Budget | Facebook Ads Strategy for Tuition/Coaching Classes
07:53:10 | How to Create a “Privacy Policy” For Facebook Lead Gen Ads?
08:11:06 | What is AIDA Model Copywriting? | Ad Copy Model
08:26:34 | What is the Before, After & Bridge Copywriting Model? | Ad Copy Model
08:41:12 | What is Problem Solving Model of Copywriting | Ad Copy Model
08:57:04 | How to Promote Products & Services on Facebook Ads [Complete Strategy]
09:17:24 | How to Set up & Run Facebook Store Traffic Ad

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